Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 1


this has been the craziest, most emotionally draining week of my life. But im happy and adjusting to life at the mtc! 

I saw mackay literally 3 minutes after i got dropped off, we took a pic so hopefully youve seen that or terri can send it to you ive also seen Jeremiah burton, and its just the biggest relief to see someone who actually knows me- its much less lonely 

first off- my companion. she is AWESOME. Her name is sister Anderson, and shes from Kaysville, Utah, going to Nashville. she just graduated, like me, and we are so similar, its really fun. Her and i are in the same boat as far as emotions go, we both were, and still are, really sad to leave our families and we miss them very much. The first night we were super sad, and having a hard time, and little did we know, the second night would be the hardest night of both our lives. By then it was really sinking in what we were doing, and how long 18 months was starting to feel. we both just cried and cried in our room, it was basically the definition of a hot mess- mascara everywhere.

then, we had a meeting with our branch president, and he did interviews. i pretty much cried all through mine, but he is like the sweetest person ive ever met. he said everything i needed to hear, and after that, i was okay for a good 24 hours. (that may not sound good- but 24 hours not sad was AWESOME) another cool thing from that meeting, was the wives of the branch presidency were teaching, and one told us to turn to 1 corinthians 13:11, and i accidentally turned to 2 corinthans 13:11, and it was sooo cool- go look it up, it was so comforting to open to a semi-random page and get so much comfort.

then friday came, and all day sis anderson and i were feeling good, not super sad, but nights really mess with us. its usually around dinner time that we start feeling sad. so at dinner, Sis A and i decided we would ask the district leader (who is awesome, we love him and his companion) for a blessing. we talked with them at dinner, so they knew we were having a hard time, but we didnt mention the blessings- then Elder Phipps (district leader) and Elder Burke (his comp) went to clear their tray. about a minute later they came back and said "oh, and if you sisters need a blessing, don't hesitate to ask" which was so cool, the Lord is definitely aware of us!!  the elders gave us each a blessing that night and it was just so cool that these elders who have never given a blessing can comfort us so much by having spirit with them and having the priesthood.

saturday i actually did pretty good! didn't cry all day sooooo basically im killin it. but then sunday was a lil hard so there went that record.

yesterday was sunday, and it was nice to have a break from the constant classes, and we had an evening devotional by Stephen B Alan, hes like super high up in the missionary program. maybe the head? i cant remember. saying how we are at war with satan, bc he knows the affects of just one missionary. and he was saying how satan has been watching us, and he knows exactly what buttons to push to make us sad or discouraged and not good enough. so for me- satan knoooows that if he wants me to go home, to make me miss my family and want to go home. and thats what he wants! is for us to go home. so i thought that was really cool- he was awesome. then we watched the Character of Christ, by Elder Bednar, which is just amazing, errybody needs to be missionaries just to watch that devotional. it made all the c-r-a-p this week worth it 

so a funny thing that happened- sis A and i were at dinner and girl comes ans sits down next to us and told us about how the first night she literally RAN AWAY from the mtc at like 11pm. she took her hoodie, and just booked it to the fence, CLIMBED OVER and ran to a church building and called her parents. I was both horrified and disappointed i hadn't thought of it first. but she came back!! im not sure i would. and she has been such a good friend to sis A and i- we feel like we're surrounded by people that are having the time of their lives, never sad, so it was nice to talk to someone else feeling sad too! Its like an "i miss my family" support group. and that sister is a spunky one, she brought i ipod literally because the packet said she couldnt. kinda a "stick it to the man" situation 

thats about all for this week- this is my only P day at the empty sea! so thats weird. i fly out next monday, so i guess hello and goodbye!!
i pray for you all so much and i LOVE the dear elders- thank nanny and Katrinas mom for the packages. i love the socks and the hi- chews are Sis A's and i's sustenance. it was sooo sweet.
i love you guyzzzzz
Sister Richards (did you just die? i did)

Maddie's district

Maddie and her MTC companion, Sister Anderson, in class

Sunday walk

Funny faces outside the Provo temple