Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 24

Hi fam bam! 

this was another awesome week that flew by! the weather has been really stormy and cold lately, so weird! we thought it was summer already but nope! i am loving the area and sister Davies SO much and loving being a missionary!! 


so last monday was so cool. P day is over at 6, and we saw so many miracles in the three hours we have to work on monday nights. First, we were going to visit a potential investigator (someone that the previous missionaries think will be interested) named Brooke. We went there and knocked on her door, and she let us in and was SO nice and receptive to what we were teaching about the Book of Mormon. She was so excited to get her own copy! she is amazing. we left her house and were so excited about whoever put her name and address down, we went back and looked and it was in Sister Davies handwriting! but she doesn't remember meeting her, or writing her name down or anything,... miracles!! AND THEN we were tracting on her street and met a man named Joe, and we were talking about the Book of Mormon and he said "oh yeah, some boys gave me one of those through the window of my vehicle about a month and a half ago, i haven't started reading it yet but its on my nightstand" UHHHH OKAY. it was so cool!! we have an appointment with him this saturday and i'm so excited to teach him! and grateful for the elders that had (and followed) the prompting to give a guy a book of mormon through his car window. 

Tuesday: so tuesday morning, sister davies got dressed and we were getting ready in the bathroom, and then i went and got dressed and subconsciously put on like the exact same outfit! it was so funny. i didn't even mean to! #compunity amiright?  AND THEN we were doing our companion study, and our desks face each other, and i noticed she had put on MY nametag! hahahah it was so funny. i'll send those pix. and then another crazy miracle! So last sunday we were tracting the street of our dinner because we got there early, and there was a medical transport bus waiting and we went and talked to the driver, and got her name and phone number and address and left her with a plan of salvation pamphlet and a time to come meet her! (tuesday at 2) SO, come tuesday- we tried calling her that morning to confirm and the phone number she gave us was out of service! weird. so at 2, we were running late so it was like 2:15, and there was a ton of traffic and we had to try like 4 different ways to get to her house, we finally did at 2:30, went up and knocked on the door, and as soon as we knocked, a car pulled up! we thought "oh good shes home!" nope, a man got out! we asked "does sherri live here?" "no, no one by that name" ......... wut. so we talked to him and shared about the plan of salvation and asked if he would be interested in talking with missionaries and he said of course! soooooo pretty much an angel gave us his address. that's the conclusion we've come to. We also had a lesson with our investigator Pam! 

Wednesday: i was on an exchange with sister Harshaw in Fruita, which was so fun!! sister harshaw and i are so similar, so i loved that day. 

the rest of the week we kinda had to take it easy, Sister Daveis hurt her the muscle over her sternum.. idk its hard to explain. she explains it as it feels like youre having a heart attack so she had to take it easy the last couple days. BUT the Lord knew that would happen, so we had a KILLER beginning of the week and still were able to meet all but one of the goals we set!! 

Life is so good 



sis richards